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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Please click on a question to view it's answer.


Q. Where do I pay my monthly Internet bills
Ans: You can pay your internet bills at our customer service points located on the Spintex road Dede Plaza (Oak Plaza Hotel) or at our head office at 30 Independence avenue, ridge, 6th floor Gnat height

Q. Are Services Postpaid or Prepaid
Ans: All Zipnet Service are Prepaid

Q. Which Currency do I pay my bill
Ans: You can pay your bill in Ghana Cedis at the prevailing exchange rate or in US Dollars

Q. How do I Know the Exchange Rate to use when paying in Ghana Cedis
Ans: Visit http://www.myzipnet.com for exchange rate update

Q. Can I pay at the Bank
Ans: Yes you can, please send a mail to csc@myzipnet.com for further instructions


Q. Can I connect my Internet services to a wireless router?
Ans: Yes you can, for SOHO, IPs are dynamically allocated. All you need to do is to configure your router with the necessary security settings to avoid intrusion

Q. Do you provide IPs for services?
Ans: Yes, for SOHO using shared services, IPs are dynamically allocated. For Enterprise customers, we give public IPs based on needs.

Q. How do I get support for Services
Ans: Our call center is available 24/7, just call +233 302 740074