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Wi-Fi Services

As new bandwidth-intensive applications evolve coupled by the need to have mobility, the telecommunication industry is inundated with congestion issues which lead to unreliable services which in many times bring with it service unavailability. Smart Wi-Fi platform has become the answer to these problems by offering data offloading technologies to the various generational platforms. Currently many 3G and 4G service providers use Wi-fi to offload data. BBH has partnered with the leading Wi-Fi manufacturer in the industry, Ruckus wireless to offer our markets Smart- Wifi technology.

Our recent 3-day Wi-Fi installation for Google in Ghana was fantastically acclaimed to be the best ever. We provide Wi-Fi services to all sizes of entities, from corporate specific projects to Community Wi-Fi projects.

Our Wi-Fi Services will span accross the following markets

  1. Enterprise Market
  2. Hospitality Market
  3. Educational Institutions
  4. Community Wi-Fi

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