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Broandband Internet


Zipnet Broadband offers a wide range of wireless broadband services, including the revolutionary Nite –Pak Service. We also offer a whole host of unique benefits that makes broadband very affordable and easy to use:

  • No phone line needed, so no line rental
  • Super-fast wireless internet access
  • A flat rate monthly package; no extra costs whatsoever
  • 'Always on', giving you fast and unlimited access 24/7
  • No Metering, meaning unlimited uploads and downloads

As your company grows your commuication services must grow with you, we are the scalability experts. Our services will help you to achieve:

Improved productivity

Symmetric service and high-speed uploads and downloads means no more waiting, so less business downtime.

Exceptional data transfer rates

Outstanding CIRs (Committed Information Rates, the rates at which our network supports data transfer under normal operations) ensure swift delivery of files for maximum working efficiency.