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Residential / SOHO

Zipnet Broadband Wireless is leading the NEW High Speed Internet revolution, building Ghana's finest wireless network, uniquely to provide secure, reliable access to the Internet.

Rather than using dial-up, leased line, cable modem or standard ADSL connection, signals are transmitted to your business through a small antenna on your roof. From the rooftop, data is sent directly to the Zipnet's Wireless Backbone.

Since its beginning, Zipnet has given clients some of the most innovative information and wireless networking systems in Ghana . Our staff brings personal commitment to projects, delivering state-of-the-art services. Zipnet has been recognized as one of the leading ISP in Ghana as per the latest Ghana telecom summit held recently

Zipnet offers a wide range of packages to cover its Residential/Soho customers requirement. Get the ultimate digital entertainment – movies, music and more with your broadband wireless internet. We work hard to earn our reputation as one of the most trusted and fastest names on the internet landscape in Ghana

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