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Dedicated Internet

Zipnet’s Dedicated Internet is a fully managed, scalable, always-on Internet connection that is tailored to meet high-quality business needs. Our links are designed with high availability, reliability, security and exceptional throughput performance for mission critical applications.

Zipnet has redundant, high capacity network infrastructure, supported by international peering agreements with major network service providers, enabling clients to get the right mixture of high QoS, competitive prices, and professional customer service.

Zipnet offers:
  • Dedicated Broadband Internet Services with tiered bandwidth Service Level Agreements (SLA). Whatever capacity you need, we can make available to you in 24hour turn around time.
  • Bandwidth on Demand service to existing corporate & SME customers. Should you need adhoc capacity, no problem. Our sophisticated Core Network enables us to provision whatever capacity you need, whenever you need it.
  • SSL VPN solutions: Enterprises need secure networks to access their remote or mobile workforce. Our SSL VPN solution over Unified Threat Management (UTM) delivers high levels of secure remote access while supporting full business flexibility.