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Our Difference

Broadband Service Providers today deliver a wide variety of services including a growing volume of HTTP-based ‘over-the top’ (OTT) Internet video content, Skype and other VoIP application. All these applications raise performance issues hence a need for optimization, data security, network reliability and availability. To maintain the high gravity of service that subscribers expect, we control the delivery of our services by employing high end and very sophisticated QoS appliances, employing technologies like DPI etc.

Currently, the company is in the process of migrating its WImax to 4G LTE - TD nationwide. This project shall be finished by the end of Q3 2016 for three major cities in Ghana.

Our network is very well mionitor through management of sophisticated tools and well planned agile network for effective scalability as we keep growing.

To guarantee our subscribeer satisfaction, we do not take lightly issues concerning malware, and other undeisred intrusions. Our advance network enables us to obtain granular network intelligence to manage traffic per application per subscriber, per service plan and according to local network conditions.

Furthermore, our robust and highly resilient network allow us to ensure fair use for shared customers during periods of possible congestion by prioritizing and expediting the delivery of applications that are affected by latency or jitter.

We are the only Broadband Service provider with an elaborate tiered and quota management service enablement.

As if that is not enough, our networks effectively neutralizes botnets and outgoing spam, by quickly and accurately detecting infected users and anomalous activities on the network and stop these at source.